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Welcome to the Big Banana and A.W.O.D. Presents Website

This is our new website, as we have decided to branch out a little and put on a few gigs during the summer months under the banner of 'A Summer of Civil Disobeidience', as well as our yearly shin-dig 'Another Winter of Discontent' Festival.

As this is a new permanent site, and is very much under construction at the moment we will be adding bits and bobs over the next few weeks/months.

Feel free to look around the site, join our mailing list etc.

The BB/AWOD Team.



We are pleased also now to be able to offer tickets for 'Amoeba Fest' @ Brixton Jamm on July 14th, we are doing a special £2 discount if you buy an Amoeba Fest and R.D.F. ticket at the same time.

Please see the 'Buy Tickets' section of the website for more details.

The next Summer of Civil Disobeidience show is:


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